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Log Book Servicing

About log book servicing

A car’s log book is a guide from the car manufacturer that tells owners how to keep their new car in the best condition, usually over the first 200,000kms.

Why get log book servicing?

  • Keep your manufacturing warranty valid
  • Logbook stamped as your record of service
  • Quality parts and oils used
  • Keep running for longer without major issues
  • Save on expensive costs in the long run
  • Safety and peace of mind.

Who can do your log book servicing?

Your car manufacturer will usually recommend you visit one of their service centres for every logbook service - usually every 10,000 kms.

But this is not necessary. And is usually more expensive, as servicing is one of the main ways a manufacturer makes their profit.

If you don’t visit your manufacturer for log book servicing, it’s important to use a reputable and professional service centre.

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