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Tyre Repair

Tyres can be the cause of major issues which, if left unchecked, can lead to expensive costs relating to your tyres, and other parts of your car.

Tyres can get damaged and wear and tear from nails, glass, cracks in the rubber, and stones. This may cause steering problems and instability in your car. It can also cost you more in fuel when your vehicle isn’t running well.

So if you’ve had a blowout, go off roading often, or simply haven’t had your tyres looked at for a while, it’s worth getting it done.

What to expect

When you drop into to see us, we’ll do a thorough check for any punctures or flat tyres. We’ll fix it with patch holds, maybe replace the inner tube. And if needed, we may recommend you replace the tyre.

We take care of tyre fitting, tyre alignment, and tyre balancing.

We’ll fit your car with quality tyres from trusted brands. And we can easily source both new and used tyres, to suit your car and budget.

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We fit and install

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